Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie / Warsaw Under Construction 7

    Simple methods of deterring reprivatisation
    A tenants’ debate

    Kolektyw Syrena invites to a debate:

    "Local and national authorities’ discourse concerning the effects and reasons for reprivatisation has historically oscillated between avoiding the topic (“it is owners and tenants’ own business”), underlining “extreme difficulties” in adopting systemic solutions that would depart from the “sacred ownership” principle, and a regular, pre-election legislation drafting frenzy."

    The debate hosted:
    Antek Wiesztort / Kolektyw Syrena [the Siren Collective]
    Justyna Marciniak / WSL [Association of Warsaw’s Tenants]
    Marek Jasiński / Komitet Obrony Lokatorów [the Tenants Defence Committee]
    Robert Andrzejewski / Stowarzyszenie Mieszkańców Kamienicy Hoża 27a [Association of Hoża 27a Residents]
    Monika Bednarek / Kredytowa 6

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