Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie / Warsaw Under Construction 7

    A proposal for the development of the Defilad Square
    Debate with Werner Huber and Thomas Schregenberger

    Debate around the model prepared by students of the Swiss school of architecture ZHAW Winterthur which was presented at the “Reconstruction Disputes” exhibition within the seventh edition of Warsaw Under Construction festival.

    The development design, inspired by the reconstruction, is a bachelor thesis. The task was to design the development based on the tradition of European cities, with a reference to post-war Warsaw architecture and planning. One of the places most frequently subject to various plans after the fall of Communism is still awaiting development. Thomas Schregenberger and Werner Huber from the School of Architecture ZHAW Winterthur present the design and try to answer questions concerning future of metropolitan urban planning.

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